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Faster. Smarter. Integrated.

Digital Acceptance Suite

Get the tools you need to make digital acceptance a reality in your environment without having to build them yourself.

7 out of the top 10 banks in Australia use our Digital Acceptance Suite (DA-Suite)

23 mortgage lenders across Australia & New Zealand are using DA-Suite

20+ US Auto Insurers policies are being accepted using the DA-Suite

Deep integration with OneSpan Sign, a Gartner magic quadrant eSignature leader

Proven technology at enterprise scale, in high compliance and regulated environments

What is digital acceptance

Digital Acceptance is the digital delivery and acceptance of documents. DA-Suite extends and compliments the market leading eSignature product OneSpan Sign. The eSignature  component of Digital Acceptance is important, however there are a range of additional elements necessary to meet complex business workflows and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Enterprise digital signing requires multi-faceted integrations and solutions. The DA-Suite was designed and developed to enable rapid deployment into complex business workflows and processes. Using our toolkit accelerates the delivery of your digital acceptance solution.

Enhanced Functionality

The DA-Suite adds capabilities not available with enterprise eSignature engines in the market.

  1. Multi-brand white label plus rich branding and customer experience

  2. Customer communication management, including encrypted comms if required.

  3. Extended notifications and customer communications

  4. Improved Customer experience leveraging your brand(s)

  5. RPA for advanced and automated package creation

  6. Lifecycle management, team collaboration and visibility (Dashboard)

  7. Integration and interoperability (Workflow, Real-time API, Batch)

  8. Secure document upload, storage and retrieval and acceptance.

  9. Integrated payment processing

  10. Reporting and Analytics

  11. Security and Data Protection e.g. Single Sign On (SSO) integration with existing Digital Channels (i.e. Internet Banking), SMS One-Time-Passcodes, and more

Integration Matrix

How your business benefits from eSignatures depends on the level of integration into your business systems and processes. Out of the box industry standard products provide benefits, however full integration into existing systems provides the maximum benefit and ROI.

Buy vs Build

Partnering with Nuvola provides you with significant benefits. The DA-Suite provides enhanced abilities that accelerate the digital acceptance journey within your organization.
DA-Suite provides a single vendor suite of products that cover a range of features and benefits along with a cohesive customer experience. As well as fast deployment, lower costs, lower ongoing maintenance, less support.

Some key benefits of deploying the DA-Suite include;

Deployments measured in weeks not months or years

Deployment costs are a fraction of the cost of DIY build and integration.

Integration into complex business flows with minimal changes to internal systems.

Pre-built process flows and automations

Ongoing infrastructure and application maintenance is eliminated, for cloud based solutions.

Eliminate tedious manual contract setups with Robotic Process Automation

Rapid bespoke process flow development if required

Error reduction and increase customer acceptance through automation 

Proven Benefits

Making a big impact with our suite of tools

Top 4 Australian Bank - Personal Loans

  • 97% Conversion rates, up from 45%
  • Increase customer retention
  • Business case exceeded (Revenue upside measured in Multi Millions $)
  • OPEX reduction (significant)

Major US Auto Insurer

  • 90% reduction in processing errors
  • 80% acceptance in 6 hours or less
  • 55% reduction in processing time
  • 55% reduction in processing costs
  • 50% reduction in operational steps 

Top 10 Australian Bank - Mortgages

  • 60% OPEX reduction in operational costs
  • Revenue increase with conversion speed
  • Value chain across banks, brokers and customers with full document /portal visibility

Top 4 Australian Bank - Mortgages

  • 13 day (average) reduction for Top Ups to same day signature and fulfilment
  • Revenue upside with increased conversion speed
  • OPEX reduction

Top 4 Australian Bank - Business Banking

  • 60 FTE reduction to just 10 FTE
  • OPEX reduction with reduced labour
  • Automated document creation and delivery.

End-of-Life Care Supplier

  • 60+ brands with unique customer experience for each brand
  • 4 months to implement, including a custom Oracle ERP cloud integration
  • Digitally transforming customer letters, contracts and online payments.
  • Integration of payment solution for pre-payment and payment plans