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Digital Acceptance Suite


DA-Suite Architecture

As shown in the diagram DA-Suite is a comprehensive solution that enables integration with upstream and downstream applications, customer touchpoints such as Customer Experience and Communications, as well as Backoffice and internal stakeholders. We support a range of integration options and patterns.
Importantly DA-Suite is flexible and extensible, allowing us to achieve very cost effective and time efficient integrations into complex business processes and systems. Most importantly we partner with you to achieve your outcomes, and in many cases provide solutions that reduce time, cost and complexity on our customers.

Modular and Flexible

DA-Suite provides various external connectors and we can develop adaptors specific to your environment. We provide a No-Sign Engine (NSE) designed for delivery of non-signature packages as part of a business flow, such as; Customer Letters and for secure document exchange.
Proven integrations with a range of enterprise applications, from the largest application vendors to bespoke in-house systems both on-premises and cloud

Origination of data & documents

A rich API to integrate your existing systems into the DA-Suite. Providing real-time access to eSignature process

Batch processing, including real-time batch, allows for export of data from existing system to send data to DA-Suite which is then transformed as per business requirements

Auto-Package-Create module will take presented data and automatically create the correct document packages based on robotic automation and business rules.

Manual creation allows for the manual creation, typically using pre-existing templates for the generation of documment packages


API integration back into your existing systems to provide completion information

Batch processing, including real-time batch, allows for transfer of document completion information back into your ERP/CRM systems. 

Webhooks can be sent to a nominate end-point for your systems to collect real-time completion information.

Workflow Orchestration allows for the integration into an end-to-end business process flow. 

If none of the current methods will work with your existing systems, we are able to custom develop an adaptor to work with your ERP/CRM systems

Customer Experience

A Customer portal allows the end-customer to logon and valid and sign documents and upload secure documents as required

Customer Communications handles the interactions with customers via Email and/or Text/SMS

PDF based signing ceremony, renders an image version of the document to be signed. What you see is what you sign

Web Accept HTML Signing allows for HTML rendered version of the document optimised for mobile platforms.

Operations and Management

Sendor Dashboard is designed for your teams to interact with Customers, created the appropriate packages and send out via chosen chanel to end-customer

Sender Workspace allows your staff to track the delivery and status of a document package

Provides analytics and reporting on the delivery and status of document packages.

Management console allows for the internal management of users, teams and document packages as well as the setup of product/customer branding (CX)

Inside the DA-Suite

No-Sign Engine - unique to DA-Suite, allows for the sending of customer interactions that do not require a signature, reducing costs. Also used for secure document uploads

Robotic Process Automation, automating document preparation and sending.

OneSpan Sign is the engine which provides the signing ceremony, capturing the signature and other meta-data to authenticate and validate the eSignature.

We have a number of external adaptors that provide deeper integrations, including AUTH and SSO. And we regularly develop bespoke connectors to suite the needs of our clients.

We also have payment connector which allows for the integration of payment solutions to allow collection of payments as part of the eSignature workflow

Use Cases

The DA-Suite is highly adaptable and can be used for all business use cases that involve the signing or delivery of documents, Business to Customer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Employee (B2E).

Whether your need is signing mortgages, personal loans or hiring employees, the DA-Suite can automate and manage your digital delivery and acceptance.

Business to Customer

  • Mortgages & Personal Loans
  • Business Banking
  • Customer Servicing
  • Wealth Management
  • Application Processing
  • Insurance Policies

Business to Employees

  • Employment Contracts
  • Employee Policy Acceptance
  • Health & Insurance
  • Workers Comp

Business to Business

  • Contract Execution
  • Procurement
  • NDAs
  • Tax and Compliance

Payment Integration

  • Payment collection
  • Payment Processing

Customer Experience (CX)

Personalised Journey

The CX capabilities allows you to create a rich personalized customer journey which can include emails, SMS and Customer Portal channels to simplify the presentation of documents and the completion of the Digital Acceptance process.

Seamless CX for Customers

DA-Suite has been selected by a number of NEO Digital Banks whose primary focus and USP is their excellence in customer experience. The DA-Suite was the only eSignature product capable of delivering a seamless CX experience for their customers.

Conditional & Advanced Fields

The CX also delivers conditional and advanced fields. Information or fields may be displayed or hidden based on conditional fields. Additionally the DA-Suite delivers advance field capabilities in the signing process, like calculated fields based on quantity or option choice, telephone, email and date validation fields.

Customer Communication Management

Customer interactions

Customer interactions are key to ensuring a quick and accurate sales process. With the CCM capabilities you will be able to manage communication and engagement with your customers. Sending documents for review, signing, acceptance and/or invoices to be paid on acceptance, various customer communication touch points (reminders, confirmations).

Comms integrations

Communications can be setup via near real-time batch processing or integrated with source systems via API.

SMS/Text Integration

As part of CCM customers can be invited via SMS text message with a link to complete their eSignature process. The signing process can be fully completed within the smart phone experience, including secure document uploads or photos for evidence in the case of claims etc.

Hidden Content

Hidden pages are a fundamental part of the CCM and CX. Defined pages e.g proof of insurance, are hidden from customers and final documents cannot be downloaded until the completion of the signing process.

Flexible Delivery Models

The DA-Suite has a range of delivery models. It is designed to work across various combinations of deployment options, such as: