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Faster. Smarter. Integrated.

Digital Acceptance Suite


Robotic Process Automation

How much is it costing your organization in labor to manually setup complicated signature locations every time you create a new customer contract?
Do you have issues with contract/document compliance or audit? 
The Robotic Process Automation built into the DA-Suite will remove manual steps in document preparation, resulting in efficiencies with operations teams, reduction of training costs and the elimination of exceptions and errors from operational human errors.

Benefits of RPA

Through robotic process automation a major insurance organization in the US was able to realize significant efficiencies. See below:

  1. 50% reduction in manual operations

  2. 55% reduction in processing time

  3. 55% reduction in process costs per transaction

  4. 90% reduction in errors

  5. 80% acceptance in 6hrs or less (average)

Customer Experience (CX)

The customer experience must be seamless. The DA-Suite allows you to create a rich personalized customer journey including emails, SMS and Customer Portal channels.

To simplify the presentation of documents and the completion of the Digital Acceptance process.

The CX can be fully tailored to match your brand, resulting in a solution that is indistinguishable from your own Apps and Portals.

For some our clients this is a critical requirement for implementation, and the DA-Suite is the only provider in the enterprise market space which can do this quickly, cost effectively and allows full and complete branding.

Customer Communications Management

Compliance Portal

Your customer interactions are key to ensuring a quick and accurate sales process.
Through our CCM capabilities you will be able to manage communication and engagement with your customers. Sending documents for review, signing, acceptance and/or invoices to be paid on acceptance, various customer communication touch points (reminders, confirmations).

Secure Document Upload

Compliance Portal

Secure Document Uploads provides a simple process for customers to upload required documents (salary, identity, pictures of their car, etc.)
With built-in verification based on your business rules and pre-defining those documents required in your workflow. DA-Suite provides the strongest evidence by including signed documents, documents delivered as read only and all document images uploaded by the customer.
Why rely on non-integrated systems such as email to receive customer images!

System Integration and 



To maximize the benefits of your digital acceptance journey your organization may need to connect complex internal and external systems into the Digital Acceptance process to achieve business outcomes. Systems integration is built into our DNA, whether it be real time API, custom API or batch, we can design a solution for performance, reliability and automation of business processes.

Our Auto-Package-Creation (APC) capability is widely used because it is often far more complex, costly and time consuming to build the logic into legacy systems or enterprise middleware.  The DA-Suite will accept existing data extracts, formats and PDFs and automate your content creation, tailored to your business logic.

Dashboard & Reporting

The DA-Suite reporting dashboard gives your staff real-time status feedback for every package sent. The dashboard tracks; sent, send failures, pending for review, and completed among many others. Staff can accept or reject customer uploads. The Dashboard allows delegated control to staff teams, to allow interactions across multiple customers.

Data is a key requirement for your business. The reporting module allows you to understand your business tasks and efficiency through the Reporting portal, allowing you to tailor your analytics to your business requirements, or export the data and use your own data analytic tools.