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PCI Compliance made simple

Payment Solutions

Nuvola's Enterprise Payment Gateways solutions will reduce and remove your PCI compliance. 

We have developed a smart payment gateway that allows for business rule based routing, high volume transacting, multi-site system redunancy, transparent tokenision, scheme tokenisation and many more features.

Payments Made Simple

Intelligent Payment Routing

route payments based on any number of business rules to any number of processing end-points. Process payment to achieve least cost, or based on downstream availability, balance payment process loads.


We have a flexible and powerful tokenisation engine. Which provides for Multi-gateway tokens, scheme tokens, transparent tokenisation just a few of its capabilities.

Secure, Highly Available & Redundant

Secure solution that is highly available, highly redundant and able to scale to processing millions of transations a day. We have one of the highest TPS rates in the industry.

PCI Compliance

Let us show you how you can descope and eliminate your PCI compliance burden. Our secure innovative payment solutions will let you allieviate the burden of compliance.


One of the fastest payment gateway solutions in the market, we can provide 300 transactions per second and have scaled and tested our solution to thousands of TPS.

Secure Batch

Provide secure batch processing. This can be for taking regularly payments for tens of thousands of customers or allow customers to withdraw funds. Providing secure and PCI compliant solutions between you and your bank.

iFrames and Hosted Payment page

Payments can be taken through secure iFrames/Hosted payment pages, easily integrated into your existing website and workflows

Reporting & Transaction Portal

A rich portal that provides access to all transactions and reports such as reconcilation reports. Also providing virtual terminal capabilities and transaction level detail.

Flexible Deployment Options

We can deploy our payment solutions in a variety of ways. A private cloud solution, as part of our SasS solution.